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DIVINE CUBAN WOMAN es la versión libre inglesa de DIVINA CUBANA, tema que se incluye en el CD DIVINAS de MAYELÍN, de difusión internacional. En el CD se incluyen siete canciones que escribí con el compositor cubano JORGE VÁZQUEZ

                                         DIVINE CUBAN WOMAN

                                de CARLOS VILLARRUBIA y JORGE VÁZQUEZ

                               When i call the woman
                               on the night of the dream
                               it is the image of wanting
                               the one that barks in my memory
                               where the cause was
                               affection is not exhausted
                               It flows freely and it is the voice that in a song
                               Names you woman

                                          Divine cuban lady
                                          planted in the sincere fruit with a soul of fire
                                          Divine, beloved soul, captivated pearl
                                          You glance is filled with light
                                          you are emotion forming love
                                          the mother of the rhythm
                                          without fear to the abys
                                          Divine cuban woman
                                          shining like a diamond,
                                          and with the sweetness of an apple
                                             Painting the dawn when i sleep
                                             your voice makes me dream
                                             Authentic flower that is born of the love of earth
                                             who can forget you divine Cuban lady
                                             Divine cuban lady,
                                             your song calls to me

                                   CARLOS  VILLARRUBIA- JORGE VÁZQUEZ


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